Marine Mammal Stranding Center


Marine Mammal Stranding Center
Mission Statement
Rescue, Rehabilitate, Release, Preserve

                                        The Marine Mammal Stranding Center is
                                            dedicated to responding to marine mammals
                                              and sea turtles in distress along all of New
                                               Jersey’s waterways and to the rehabilitation
                                                of these animals for release back into the
                                                  wild. In situations where animals may not
                                                      be re-released, every effort is made to
                                                          secure a proper, enriching facility to
                                                            provide lifetime care. We are further
                                                             committed to the well-being of
                                                                  marine mammals and to inspire
                                                                    responsible stewardship of our
                                                                       oceans through educational
                                                                          programs and collaboration.

                                                                             The Marine Mammal
                                                                               Stranding Center is a
                                                                                private non-profit
                                                                                 organization based in
                                                                                 Brigantine, New Jersey.
                                                                                 Since the Center’s
                                                                                 founding in 1978, staff
                                                                               and volunteers have
                                                                             responded to over 4000
                                                       calls for whales, dolphins, seals and sea
                                                         turtles that washed ashore on New
                                                          Jersey beaches. These animals range
                                                            from a five pound Kemps Ridley Sea
                                                             Turtle to a 25-ton Humpback Whale
                                                               (both of which are endangered

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