The Story of the "Rock Seal"

The little grey seals are keeping us quite busy these days. Born in December and January, grey seal mothers will only nurse their pup for 2-3 weeks before they abandon the pup to fend for themselves. These tough little ones make their way out to sea to find food and learn life lessons on their own. Yesterday we had one of the pups fall into a rock jetty and he could not get out. Our staff and volunteers quickly made their way to Delaware Bay to pull this little one out of the rocks before the tide came in. Jay, our Senior Staff Technician, pulled that little guy out of his watery tomb with one swoop. (Not recommended unless you know how seals think, because they can deliver an awful bite.) This youngster is resting at the Center today with minor scratches and swollen flipper, but Doc says he should be fine to go in a couple of weeks. BIG thanks to Bob Gerber, the fisherman who found the seal, and volunteer Paul Sheffler for helping Jay save this little rascal! More stories to come! Please remember that we rely on donations to continue this important work! 

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Photo by Bob Gerber